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Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas, A Bit Late

Merry Belated Christmas!  It has been a while since I had five minutes to type, but I did use mental telepathy to send happy Christmas greetings to pretty much the whole world.  Minus that mean gay dude at the recyclling center, but that's another story.

We had a typically fun, crazy, over-extended Christmas with our families.  We headed up to what we call The Cabin, to be near all our kinfolks.  Tank had a great time but at two, he's completely perplexed by the whole Santa thing.  Not to mention the tree that suddenly appears in the living room.  He enjoyed seeing all the family and had a total BLAST with the Thomas train table Santa brought him.  Other gift exchanges were too much for him...he'd open one present and then just want to play with that toy and could not be cajoled into more gift opening.  Too bad it won't stay that way!

We took Tank to get a picture with Santa at the last minute (and by that I mean December 22nd!).  Last year, we got TWO Santa pictures...one with the official mall Santa and one with the free Santa at Bass Pro Shops.  (What a great idea that is, by the way.  Love the Bass Pro peeps!)  We did have a bit of drama with the photos last year, but that was from Daddy, not Tank.  I relished telling Grandmother how badly her precious son had behaved when he found out that the mall Santa pictures were $40.  In his booming bass RADIO MAN VOICE, he foghorned out, "JESUS F-ING CHRIST!"  Right there in Santa's Castle.  Santa sent an octogenarian elf out to see what the hubbub was, but I was already taking swift action with the Look of Death and a couple of well placed pinches to my sweetie's arm.

Anyway, this year the drama was all Tank.  When we got in line to see Santa at Bass Pro, Tank put his arm across his eyes, a new tactic for when he wishes to become invisible.  When that didn't work, he just ran away.  He made a beeline for the train table and would have stood there all night, watching the train make its endless loop, but Santa leaves at 7:00 and it was about ten til and Mama wanted her a Santa picture, By Golly.  So, we go up to see Santa and he says "Merry Christmas" and that's about all it takes.  Tank started windmilling arms and legs frantically and making his I'm Annoyed grunting noise.  We did eventually get a pretty decent photo, but it was of all of us with Santa and Daddy was holding Tank, who was trying his best to levitate away from Santa.  Good times!

Well, that's the short version.  More updates on life here in a bit.


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