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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Contractually Obligated!

The "fully executed contract" on the Taj MaHell arrived today!  I opened my email inbox and...ta-da!  Apparently, we are homeowners.  Again.

The fully executed contract is the exact same document as the purchase agreement, but this copy has the seller's signature and initials as well as ours.  In the end, we paid $22,500 for the house itself, plus $1125 for the Buyer's Premium and Internet Transaction Fee.  We still don't know the closing costs, so those also need to be considered when we talk about what we paid for the house.

A second roofer called today with his estimate.  Roofer A came in at $6980 to tear off all the existing roof, re-nail the decking and replace the old shingles with architechtural shingles.  This price also includes the Weather Watch coating for a flat roof on the bonus room addition and new motors for the existing power exhaust fans in the attic, plus ridge vents along the roof line.  Roofer B, who--and I am not making this up--used to work with Shawn at Shawn's very first job ever, called today with a bid of "well under $5000" but that amount is just to put new shingles on top of the old ones and add another layer of rubber roofing to the flat roof section. 

We're leaning towards Roofer A, but we still need to get numbers from Roofers C and D, just to be sure we've over-analyzed the whole thing to death.  Because in addition to his many other fine qualites, Shawn suffers from a mild form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  OCD is the source of lots of good times in our family.  Like when we first moved to Gilligan's Island and some family members were coming to see us.  I was frantically running around, trying to set up a guest bedroom and scrub the bathroom while Shawn was literally paralyzed by the fact that his GINORMOUS CD collection had gotten un-alphabetized during the move.  I am not shitting you.  I had to stop what I was in the middle of and alphabetize them one day while he was at work, just to get him back on track.  Stories.  I has 'em.

But back to the Taj.  Now that we're inching closer to actually tackling this project, I'm starting to pay closer attention to sales going on at the big box home improvement stores and online.  I am sure that Craig's List will also play a big part in this renovation!

More later....


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