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Thursday, December 8, 2011

So Close I Can Smell It...

....or do I just really need a shower?!

Can you believe it?!  We are ALMOST DONE!  Okay, not almost done with the whole Taj, but almost done with the laundry list of things the City of Mayberry said we had to do to move in.  Woo to the hoo and then some.  I'd break out the champage, but I think moonshine would be more appropriate.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we primed walls and ceilings in most of the rooms and even painted the master bath and a couple of ceilings.  This past weekend, we loaded up a UHaul trailer with all the crap that's been in my dining room and took it to the Taj.  While we were there, we painted the living room, dining room, hall and Tank's bedroom. Photos, you say?  Why yes, I DO have some:

The living room floor, after I spent a whole day on my knees, scrubbing and waxing the dang thing.

Here's the living room, sort of set up.  Ignore the stupid non-working lights on the tree.  I am extremely hacked off about that, but whatever.  The Craig's List finds work well enough in there and you can't beat the price!

Here's Tank's room with its Bath Bubbles paint:

All in all, I'm pretty happy with our progress.  Naturally, I'd like to be farther along than we are, but I think that's just me.  My hope was to be able to spend Christmas at the Taj and it may in fact be possible, but it's going to be really close!

The master bathroom was completed today, despite a snafu with the sink faucet.  The Sainted Singing Plumber picked up a replacement I ordered online from Home Depot and got-er-done.  So to speak.

Shawn had been curious about the state of the dishwasher, so he asked if the SSP could check on it.  I got a texted photo of mangled wires and debris.  I texted back to ask if that was the dishwasher and it was.  His response to my inquiry as to whether I should buy a new one?  "Absolutely."  And we still don't have a fridge.  But, somehow I am still optimistic.  Probably because I have been driven stark raving gazonkers by this whole stupid process.

Oh, and Shawn is looking at jobs in the Greater Mayberry Commuting Area.

Oh, dear.

More later, once my poor, crippled, arthritic hands recover from all the trim paint!


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