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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roofer Madness, Part Deux

Hi, there!  We've had news of great things happening at the Taj, but sadly, we aren't there to see it!

Yesterday morning, Mimi texted to say that the roofer was already hard at work.  Aroudn 8:30pm last night, the Taj next-door-neighbor called and very light-heartedly let us know that the roofer had arrived by 6:00am and was STILL pounding nails at 8:30pm.  I am planning to go by the wonderful local bakery, Bakers Pride, Thursday on my way out of town and pick up a nice little sampler of allthe delectable goodies.  Maybe that would make up for what I'm sure was a migraine-inducing day for the neighbors!

But, on the bright side--one project DONE!  I'm heading up to give it a look-over and then pay the roofer.  I'm hoping to also line up some electrical and plumbing contractors to meet me out there on Friday, so I can get bids and we can begin on those jobs soon.


In the midst of it all, one of my jobs has decided to go HAYWIRE over the last three weeks, causing me to question not only the sanity of buying such a project, so far away, but also how reasonable it is to expect to work two jobs (allegedly part-time) and still be a decent, involved and energetic mom to the Tankster, project house notwithstanding.  These days, I can't find time to answer emails, much less tend to all the have-tos on my many lists.

Recently, though, I've started to think differently.  Just the other night, we were watching House Hunters International and it came up that both Shawn and I secretly regretted never having lived overseas.  It suddenly dawned on me that we could, in fact, do it.  If we really wanted to and were willing to make some sacrifices.  I realized that we could sell the house at Gilligan's Island, keep the Taj (since there's no mortgage) and just...GO.  What a terrifying, wonderful, thrilling thought!  Now, we don't have plans to actually do that.  We might, but we're not planning it right now.  But what a thrill to know we could.

The trick is to keep looking at life that way, regardless of your age, your financial status, your job situation.  As long as air is still going in and out and your heart is still pumping blood through your veins, you have potential to do anything you want.  You just have to want it enough.

And on that note, I'm off to watch the All-Star Game.  Go, Brian McCann!


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