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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

I can't believe it's been nearly a week since I posted anything.  Well, actually I can, because my brain has been about as active as this blog.  Don't know if it's the unrelenting heat or the as-yet-unresolved back/shoulder issue, but I have been just moving from chair to sofa to bed most of the time, with a lot of grunting and groaning when I do have to get up.  I'm SO ready to shake this off and get back to what passes for normal!
In an effort to rejoin the land of the living, I have an appointment with some spine and joint (hee, hee!  I said "joint"!) specialists on Monday.  I am really hoping some relief is in sight, because this crap has DEFINITELY gone on long enough!!

And now that I've bored you with news of my ailments, like the crabby old lady we all know I am, let's get on to other topics:

The Taj MaHell:  no news is pretty much no news at this point.  We did get an estimate from the Very Nice Electrician and we figure that the electrical work, plus the fixtures, will total somewhere around $2,500.  I'm going to really work hard to come in under that amount, but only if I can do it without sacrificing what we really want.  So, I'm scouring Craig's List, Overstock.com and every other site I can think of for good deals on light fxtures.  So far, no luck, BUT...I did find a sofa and loveseat on The Craig for $300.  (Shawn worked his Shawn Magic and got them for $280, because he is cheap and unrelenting and people will take less money just to make him go away).  Because we're at Gilligan's Island, they are currently crammed into the already ridiculously crowded dining room.  What?  Everybody doesn't keep bicycles in the dining room?!  But, just because I KNOW you care, here's a bad picture of the love seat:

Cute, huh?

I am really liking them...they are comfy *enough* even though they're not really flop-on type furniture.  The backs are high enough to lean your head back on and they have neat little wooden turned legs, which I think makes them work in an older home like the Taj.  I'm wanting to use different color pillows to jazz them up a bit, and I'm hoping that this light beige fabric will work with lots of different accents.  Right now, I'm loving sea glass colors, but come colder weather, I am sure I'll want some rich, darker colors to snuggle into.  There's just something about long stretches of 100-degree days that make the color burgundy unbearable to look at.  Burgundy, we'll talk in January, 'k?

In Tank News, we've had a busy spell of meeting with speech therapy peeps.  His current therapy is through Babies Can't Wait, which works with kids up to age 3.  When the new school year starts, he will transfer to services provided by the local school system.  We were initially told he'd be having his sessions at one of the local schools and that he'd be in a group of several children.  I really didn't like that and felt that we might need to pursue home-based services privately.  I just didn't see him receiving the same level of speech therapy in a group setting.  Plus, he's always been home with me, so moving to a school setting might be a real adjustment at first, which I could see possibly causing him even more delays.  The good news is that at our last meeting, I learned he has been recommended for 3 weekly half-hour sessions, provided in-home.  Hooray!  I'm hoping that there aren't going to be any budget cuts that will change that...we'll just have to see.

Well, enough for now.  Hope you're doing well and I hope you come back to visit soon!


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