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Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Are Taj-Bound (Almost)!

Well, howdy do!  (If you've seen "Madagascar" you know how to say it)

Road trip, anyone?  Tank, Shawn and I will be loading up the Jeep and heading Taj-side this evening.  It'll be a late night, since we can't leave til Shawn gets home around 6, but at least we're all able to go together this trip.  There's lots on the Hope To Do list, so we'll be pretty busy.

An all-around handy dude that Shawn's dad knows is meeting us tomorrow afternoon to go over some ideas for the bathroom revamp/redo/overhaul.  Hope he sees some options we've not discovered yet, because it's looking all kinds of dire.  We have GOT to get a plan in place, since the plumbing and electrical can't really be done until we know where everything is going.

In other news...I just got back from my 2nd real PT appointment and I am cautiously optimistic.  I'm still sore and my right arm is still going numb, but the pain level is a bit lower and I have more non-numb moments than I was having.  So...progress!  Woo-to-the-hoo.

So, anyway...I'm glad to be headed back to Mayberry and have some time to visit the Farm Maven and the rest of the family.

To tide you over til the next post, here's an actual, unretouched photo of the Farm Maven showing me her stash of canned goods:

Me:  "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  That's a sh*tload of squash!"
Farm Maven:  "It's called Being Prepared."
Me:  "For what, exactly?"
Farm Maven:  "Higher grocery prices, salmonella outbreaks, lengthy power outages and the threat of zombie apocalypse."
Me:  "Zomb--WHAT?!?!"

She's prepared, y'all.  And that's why, when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, I'mma be at her house!


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