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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Traction is more fun than you think

Happy Tuesday.

I know...Tuesdays are not by nature very happy, but it's hardly their fault.  Anything that comes on the heels of Monday is doomed.

But, I digress. 

We're planning a big Taj MaHell road rally this weekend.  Shawn's got Friday and Monday off, so we're going to load up the Family Truckster and head to the Greater Mayberry Area.  We're debating (read: arguing about) renting a UHaul trailer to take the new loveseat and sofa to Mayberry.  We'd have to store them at Uncle Todd's Cabin until the Taj is closer to ready, so that's a bummer.  But, if they stay here, we'll have to stare at them because there's no door to the dining room and the room is literally vomiting random pieces of furniture into the hallway.  It is driving me CRAZAY and I am so ready to get things back to semi-normal that it's worth it to me to UHaul them thangs to the 'Berry.  Shawn, on the other hand, thinks UHaul exists only to extort money from him and wants to devote the next three months to finding some very complex system of moving furniture without having to rent a trailer or drive two vehicles to Mayberry.  Sigh.  I said, SIGH.

Light a couple of candles and say a prayer to Our Lady of Successful Demolition, because we're going to tackle the bonus room ceiling this trip.  Nephew Two Bears and I gave it a shot last time I was in town, but I swear, the hammers just BOUNCED off the ceiling.  Given the fact that it was approximately 9 million degrees up there, I didn't need too much convincing to give up on the project.  We'll see if Shawn's seething inner rage can triumph over drywall.

In other news, I have gone to two appointments for my back/neck/shoulder and, while I don't feel better yet, I am having some brief pain-free moments...mostly when I am in traction.  I never thought I'd be begging, "PLEASE!  For the LOVE OF GOD, people!  Put me in traction!"  But there you have it.  One of the exercises the PT made me do today was to lean my head over and hold a ball wrapped in a clean pillowcase against the wall.  BORING.  Especially after 15 reps to each side and another 15 to the back.  I learned that the PT had no sense of humor when he didn't think my calling the device "a severed head in a pillowcase" was funny in the least.  You'd think people who make their living torturing other folks would at least see the humor in it.  Oh, well.  I guess I'd better play nice or they'll take my traction away.

That's all for now.  I'm off to pour cereal in a bowl and call it a balanced supper.  Hope your menu choices are more tantalizing.

Dang.  Now my pants are too short.


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