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Friday, August 5, 2011

My kingdom for a potty!

Having finally recovered from late-night adoption road trips, I headed over to the Taj this morning, only to learn that our Best!  Idea!  Ever! for the bathroom re-arrangement is not going to work.  There is only a 31-inch space in the area we were going to use for the toilet, instead of the requisite 36 inches. 

I tried to measure, plot, think and re-measure, but Tank was in the mood to be Very Helpful.  Being Very Helpful involves running off with the tape measure, pushing Mama by the bum from room to room and generally being a pest.  One day I'll wish he wanted to be with me all the time, so I try to be patient.  But sometimes I just want five minutes to sit quietly and come up with a plan!

Anyway, Grandmother (Shawn's mom) is coming over in a bit to listen out for Tank while he naps and I'll head over to the Taj and see if inspiration strikes.  *Sigh*

Off to look at stackable washers and dryers online...that may be our last hope.


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