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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News. I Has It.

Long time, no blog, eh?

I'm still at Gilligan's Island, but I believe I will be heading back to the Taj briefly this weekend.  The baby that was placed for adoption has a family now and they will be traveling from their home state late Saturday night.  I'll go pick up the baby on Sunday and bring her back down this way to meet her adoptive mom and dad and also to spend time with her birth mom before she leaves for a while.  This adoption will be an open arrangement, so this is not goodbye for birth mom and baby.

In other news, we finally figured out a layout for the master bath.  It's not perfect, but given the many issues with the space, its a successful option.  We'll still have a laundry room in the master bath, but by stacking the washer and dryer, we'll keep precious floor space and avoid the bath being all crammed up together.  Shawn didn't really want to stack the w/d, worrying that i would be a negative for potential buyers when we sell the house down the road.  My solution was to spend yet MORE money and get a nice, front loading set that could be stacked.  That way, we won't be saddled with an apartment-sized set of appliances forever.  Again, not the most perfect solution ever, but pretty much the best one available, given the limitations of the space.

The Very Nice Electrician called and said he is about a week away from starting on the Taj.  We'd had to wait to call him until we had a plan for the bathroom...didn't want to end up with outlets behind the shower!  So, his work will be next, then the plumbing, then framing and drywall.  And one of these days, we'll have a HOUSE!  How 'bout that?!

Well, I'd better get up and get busy.  Work has been extremely demanding this week and no relief is in sight.  Better go make the money that I'm spending on the Taj, right?


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