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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New bookcase

It started simply, as most things that turn into huge productions do.

I wanted a long, low bookshelf to replace the two hulking bookcases in our living room at Gilligan's Island.  I looked online at least weekly to see if anything was available in our price range.  Occasionally, I would find "just the thing" but it would be over $200 and that's just not in the budget, especially not to replace perfectly functional items with new ones.

Then, day before yesterday, Shawn and I went to Office Depot to pick up some things for my work.  We decided to just cruise through their office furniture selection and saw almost exactly what I was looking for!  And it was on sale for $84.  That's doable, right? 

My intent was to put a low bookcase in back of the loveseat and leave the loveseat "floating" in the center of the room.  Once we got the bookcase assembled, though, Shawn suggested putting it in a corner by the fireplace and pushing the sofa against the far wall.  Our living room is SO small, this really seemed the better choice.  We'd been living with just a rabbit trail between the loveseat and the old bookcases and that was part of why I was so sick of them.  Here's a shot of the old, white bookcases, taken as we were taking stuff off them:

From the other side of the room:

We had crammed a big chair and ottoman into the corner by the fireplace:

Anyway, it was better than the original set-up of this room, when we didn't use it at all and had an antique (very uncomfortable) sofa in there, but it wasn't going to set the woods on fire.  We had begun to use the living room more, which was great.  Our house isn't big enough to have unused rooms in it, so incorporating the living room into our lives made a big difference.  But it still didn't work very well and we didn't use it too often.

So, last night at midnight, we finally finished moving EVERY STINKING PIECE OF FURNITURE in the room and this is what we ended up with (ignore the dust!):

New bookcase, in the corner where the chair & ottoman used to be.

Loveseat, chair & ottoman on the wall where the old shelves were.

View from the den.  Me likey.  You?


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