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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rock You Like A Hurricane

Um...that's a song, if you weren't alive in the 80's.


I'm just sitting here, watching "Barnyard" with the Tankster and plotting my return to Mayberry, possibly this weekend.  I'm anxious to get a little more done on the bathroom demo before the electrician needs to get in there.  And as an added bonus, I might be escaping Hurricane Irene.  Always a plus when you can avoid getting creamed by wind and water.

Oh, yeah, I have other news, too.  We scored a Kohler pedestal sink off Craig's List for $60.  These things are over $300 for the basin and the pedestal, so it was a great deal!  Here's a pic off The Internets of the same sink:

Cute, yeah?

I'm really excited about this find, since we knew we wanted to go back with a pedestal sink in the hallway bath, but DEFINITELY not the aqua sea-shell sink that was in there!

Now, we just need a 40-inch stove, a refrigerator, lots of drywall, paint, and an entire master bath.....guess I'll be spending a lot of time Craig-in'.

Until later....


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