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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Tiled!

Hey there, mah peeps.

I did something today I've never done before.  No, I didn't cook a meal...ha, ha..you think you're SO funny.


So, you remember the gaping hole where the old gas heater used to be?

Okay, so last night, I carefully removed the partial tiles around the perimeter of the hole, that had been cut to fit around the heater.  I was left with this:

Attractive, yes?!  Um...NO.
But then I got to work.  Diamond Dave had some leftover green board from a tiling project for the Farm Maven, so I happily snatched up a scrap piece and some scrap lumber from his barn project.  The scrap lumber I made into cleats, one of which you can see in the picture above.  I needed the cleats to have something to screw the green  board to.

Home Depot sells individual 4x4inch tiles for $0.16 each.  I needed 25, which was only $4.  Sadly, the ancient tiles were just a WEE bit smaller, so each and every tile had to be carefully filed on the edges to make it all fit:

Yes, I DO have pink work gloves.  You got something to say about that?!

Well, after the filing was done and the backerboard put up, I got covered in mastic, so I didn't use the camera again.  (These one-woman operations leave a lot to be desired).  I did take a pic after I got the tiles up:

Another view....

Once they are good and set, I will grout them and give them a shot of the same epoxy that I put on the old tiles, to get them to match.  Ignore the funky holes above the sink connections...the new sink (if it fits!) should pretty much cover them.

It's not perfect by a long shot, but I was really proud of my first tile attempt.  I hope the tiles are still on the wall tomorrow!

Well, that's about it and I'm about done in.  Going to rest my poor tired hands...that filing was not fun!

Hope you have a great night!


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