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Saturday, October 1, 2011


The Tankster and I made the long drive to Mayberry yesterday afternoon.  We finally located a plumber who's willing to jump in and do all the Taj master bath fixture-moving, and there are a few things I need to do ahead of his arrival.

In other news, I'm still clutching my chest and stumbling around like Fred Sanford after getting the plumbing quote.  (Fred Sanford was this character in a show called "Sanford and Son" that was on in the late 70's and....oh, forget about it.  If you don't know who it is, my wrinkles are older than you are).

I shared my bloggin' with neighbor PJ back on Gilligan's Island and she sent me this link.  It's a good illustration of the way male and female brains work.  I have to admit, I'm siding with the male on this one.  Thanks, PJ!


More news and photos later, hopefully, once Tank wakes up and we get going.  In the meantime, I am sucking down coffee and hoping to get a LOT done!
Toodles.  Plus oodles of noodles.



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