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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Occupy the Taj Movement

I read this morning that the Occupy Wall Street protesters got a reprieve when they began cleaning up their own mess, so that the city of NY didn't have to shoo them all away and clean up for them. Am I the only person who thinks this whole mess is stupid? After a day or so, I haven't even paid attention to the news reminders that this "movement" is on-going. I look at the headlines, see something about the Occupy folks and go, "Meh" and move on.

The last time anything political was accomplished by sitting still, it was Rosa Parks. These peeps aren't Rosa Parks.

Well, at least they're sweeping up the fast-food wrappers and tags from their brand-new Birkenstocks, so the rest of the world can squeeze past them and get to work. Incidentally, even if I thought parking my big butt down on property owned by someone else was going to serve any purpose, I don't have the TIME. Because I have TWO JOBS. So that I can pay my bills and not have to cry to Diane Sawyer about how this country has failed me, because I can't afford cable TV and cigarettes. Y'all keep up your "protest"--I'll keep paying for your kids to go to school free, eat free and get free health care.

Argh. Enough of that.

Michael and I arrived in Mayberry yesterday evening and had supper with the Farm Maven and her brood. Rebecca had spent the day volunteering at the Mayberry Munchkin Farm, a small private school near their home. She enjoys grading papers and helping the teacher and reports that the kids are all sweet and cute. Sounds like she inherited her mother's teaching gene. Me, I no gots it. I don't learn well by verbal instruction; I learn by physically performing a task. The byproduct of that is that I don't explain things worth diddly. Also, I tend to make up my own words for things, which is why taking me to a tool store is an adventure. "I need one of those things that goes on the end of the drill and looks like a biscuit cutter." The guy begins looking for the items you'd use to actually make a biscuit joint, but what I'm talking about is a hole saw bit. To me, it looks like what Mama used to cut out biscuits. Sometimes, being me is a lot like traveling in a foreign country. I am forever being misunderstood, misunderstanding those around me and generally embarrassing myself.

I haven't ventured over to the Taj yet, but once Tank wakes up and gets his daily dose of Wallace and Gromit, I guess we'll check in. Need to call the plumber dudes, too. Busy day, but without busy days, nothing gets done.

Right, Occupy protesters?

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  1. I just found your blog and have been reading backwards through posts.

    FYI? It's Monday, I'm having coffee, and laughing my freaking butt off. 'These peeps aren't Rosa Parks.' - Way to tell it like it is.

    I understand people are angry and whatnot about the economy, and the general state of the country. Sitting around drinking Starbucks isn't really a protest though - I'm just sayin'.