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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well, hi there!
I have a few updates and I will start with the most important:  Josh's lymphoma is the "good" kind, with a 90% success rate.  YESSSSSSS!  Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers, since the wonderful survival rate is only part of the story...he still has a tough time ahead.  Today, Josh had surgery to place his chemo device in his chest.  He's doing well and we're all pulling for him.  Go, Joshua!

In the face of what my friends are enduring, work on the Taj is pretty insignificant.  I am lucky to be fighting unwieldy bathroom vanities and budgetary concerns...and I know it. 

We are making progress, though.  We decided to go with the less-expensive fiberglass tub and shower combo, instead of buying a tub and tiling above it.  Time constraints and inexperience convinced us to take the simpler route.  We found one we liked at Lowe's and bought it, along with some tile that was on sale.  I couldn't find a good photo of what we got (Aqua Glass Eleganza set), but I did find these images:

You can't really tell much from the pics, but the shower surround has molding around the top that dresses it up a little.  It was $50 more than the plain-Jane versions, but if you're going to be staring at it while you soap up and rinse off, you might as well like the view.

More news to report, but that will have to wait, as Shawn has demanded brownies.  And I want some, too!


  1. That's good news for your friends - it sounds like Josh has a wonderful support system to get him through treatment.

    Are you guys installing the shower yourselves? If so, hats off girl, your much more handy than me.

  2. Are you KIDDING?! I so wish I was that handy, but no....the loverly singing plumber (story for another day) is handling that!

    I'm going to try to redeem myself by skim-coating the walls, if that counts.

    Thanks for checking in! I love your blog...tell me the inflatable doll lives on the sofa full-time!