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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why I Should Buy Stock in Excedrin

It's going to be a good day.

If I tell myself that enough times, will it happen?

Yesterday was a challenge for me. Tank pushed my buttons in a BIG way and I reacted. By the time I put him to bed last night, it was all over and done and we had a good quiet-down time together, with prayers and teeth-brushing. As I went to bed myself a couple of hours later, I said aloud, "This day is over. Tomorrow is a different day, not a continuation of this one."

In addition to the challenges of single-parenting Tank while we're out of town, there are all the challenges of working the adoption agency job with a portable wireless system that tends to blink on and off at the worst possible times. And yesterday I had to deal with a VERY difficult prospective adoptive mom. She's one of those controlling types who thinks that the only reason the agency does things a certain way is because she hasn't shown us a better way. Sadly, the oftentimes bulky, inefficient way we operate is the best possible option, discovered after many, many trials and errors working with governments overseas. But Dr. Heifer, as she is known to me, refuses to follow the instructions we provide and instead strikes out on her own, gaily calling back over her shoulder that she knows a better way to get this done....and then she bombs. And when she bombs, she blames...ME. The very adoption consultant she wouldn't listen to in the first place. It's not just me; I spoke with one of our Admin Assistants yesterday and she's been getting the same treatment from Dr. Heifer. At the end of the day, it's not about us all getting along, holding hands and singing "Kum-Ba-Ya" as the sun slips over the flower-strewn hills. It's about bringing an orphan to a loving family. I try to remember that. But then I think about how this woman must be as a mother and I wonder if we're doing this kid any favors.

I did come up this weekend to work on the Taj, but not a lot has happened as of yet. Two trips to Home Depot yesterday (the secon trip was when Tank sprawled out in the floor and screamed bloody murder because I made him leave the door mock-up section). I spoke with the plumber dude and he is dropping off what promises to be a jaw-dropping estimate this morning. Oh, and the tankless water heater arrived (thanks, Farm Maven, for being my storage facility). I bought some shims at HD and slid them under the front of the vanity and voila! It works much better with a bit of shimming! I think I'll trim the shims up today and finish installing the drain line. Diamond Dave has graciously offered to help me install the 125-lb toilet that Shawn just HAD to have. The goal is to--come hell or high water--leave here this trip with running water. Maybe I shouldn't have said "come hell or high water", huh?

Oh, well.

More later....


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