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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Well, of COURSE there's termites!

As you can tell my the post title, the Taj MaHell just keeps on givin' the love!  Sainted Singing Plumber waved me over Monday and pointed out a termite column going up the brick foundation.  Before he re-floors the bathroom, the Termite Dude has to come whip some munching insect butt.


$1109 for the treatment and preventive measures against future house-nomming termites.

THAT was not in the budget.

Oh wait...there was a budget?!

Anyway...just another setback on the road to fabulousness.  The good news is, the local pest control peeps are going to take care of it tomorrow, so the Sainted Singing Plumber doesn't have to leave the floor out and invite Who-knows-what to move in to the house while we're not looking.  "Oh, hey!  A skunk in my shoe!"

We're back on Gilligan's Island and trying to coordinate Termite Annihilation from 200 miles away, but it'll get done. 

And best of all...this weekend is HALLOWEEN.  HALLO-FRICKIN-WEEN!  My favorite holiday, because all my adult life, the 'Ween is the only fun time of the year I didn't have to pack up and head home from wherever my gypsy butt was camped at the time.  Since we moved to Gilligan's Island, our house has become the grown-up Halloween destination.  We live on a tiny island that is very safe and quiet.  Our house is on a circle, so the parents come by and sit on the porch for a drink while the kids walk around the circle, then come back for the parents.  You can do the whole trick-or-treat thing on foot (or golf cart, if you roll like that).  Tank's going to be a pirate this year, if I can make him wear a costume.  I have great photos of his second Halloween, half in and half out of a costume, red-faced and screaming.  Kodak moments, people.

Ah, well.  Time to get back to the grind.


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  1. Tee hee! Aren't crying shots the best? My younger sister cried in pretty much every photo taken of her from birth to age 4. Easter? Crying. Halloween? Crying. Sitting on Santa's lap? Crying.

    And allllll these years later I laugh my butt off every time we go through the pics. And she, of course, rolls her eyes.