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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Complex World of Kiddie Pools

Um, yeah.  About that pool...

Well, we apparently didn't have as level a back yard as we'd thought, because once it was full, the entire soft-sided pool began listing precariously to port.  Hard a-port, as the seafaring types might say.  Within just an hour or so of being filled, the big pouty lip of the inflated top ring was poised to move from pouty to full-blown droop and drown our poor A/C units.  It is so effin' hot here on the Gilligan that I would not think twice about throwing my body in front of the onrushing tide, if I thought it could save the air conditioning. 

So, we drained the pool, which was shaping up to take for-stinkin-everrrr until my knight in shining armor brought home a submersible pump.  We got to work in the blistering heat with shovels, rakes and hoes (tee-hee, we had 'hos working out in the yard!) and we leveled a new spot for the pool.  What with the chemicals, the telescoping net to fish leaves and bugs out, the test strips, the sump pump, the tarp to go under the pool and two straight days of courting heat exhaustion working on it, our $80 pool is now worth about $1,657,925.  And some change.

But, oh, how Tank loves his pool!   He LURVES it.  It is his most slobbery lip-kiss-iest love of all.  He squeals with joy and kick-kick-kicks his chubby legs when we head outside to play in the pool.

And unlike last year's 12-inch inflatable wading pool that lived on our back deck, we can actually get in this pool and enjoy it along with him.  That makes Mama happy...and a happy Mama is a (mostly) non-homicidal Mama.

Bring on the heat!

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