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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pass the Fat Pants, Please

The other day I was craving some chips and dip.  We didn't have anything in the house that met the chip-n-dip criteria, so I resisted.  But another day passed and I was still dreaming of a delectable, dippy snack.

Wouldn't you know it, the toilet paper supply got dangerously low and I had to make a Kroger run.  And there, in the dairy aisle, was tub after tub of French Onion dip.  And the Kroger brand wavy chips were 10 for $10.  My hand hovered above the regular dip but I managed to move over to the low-fat dip.  I HATE the way the low-fat kind gets that oily water on top after a day or so, but I was trying to be responsible in my snacking.

I came home and resisted for the longest four minutes of my life and then I dove in.  Later that night, I snacked some more in front of a Braves game.  The next day, I ate some more.  The day after that, I scraped the bottom of the 4-ounce container with a chip and thought, "Well, at least it was the fat free kind."

Only it WASN'T.

Oh, snap.


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