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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whatever happened to.....

...the Taj MaHell?

The frantic pace of the bidding process has given way to the paperwork equivalent of a race between molasses and a turtle.  I have no idea who would win that race, but I can tell you this:  it would be one boring-arse event.

After receiving our latest update on Monday, June 13th (at which time the closing agency was waiting on a water bill), we heard a big fat NOTHING until Monday the 20th.  Our contract had expired on the 17th...way to go, Closing Agency, for letting that happen!  The new update said we needed an amended contract.  So, I contacted the listing agent, who was actually out of town but still FAR more responsive than the closing attorney, and she quickly drafted a contract extension and emailed it to me.  We signed it and emailed it to the online auction contact, the closing attorney and the listing agent.  I also sent a request to the closing attorney's office, asking if we could confirm that there were no other items outstanding.  Do you think I've heard back from them?  Yeah, right.  (There should really be a 'sarcasm font' on my computer---I would wear. it. out.)

So, if all goes smoothly (insane laughter), we should close "on or before June 28th'.  Mind you, in the meantime we can't go on the premises and make any changes or improvements.  I am SO TIRED of waiting.  I am also tired of tools crammed into my dining room.  Oh, and did I mention I got a compound miter saw with the stand?  It's sitting in a box on my kitchen counter. 

So, come ON, people!  Let's get this deal DONE!


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