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Friday, June 3, 2011

No News Is....No News

Friday again and I am recuperating from four hours in the dentist's chair late yesterday.  SEVEN shots of novocaine and then she gave me an 800mg Motrin for the trip home.  I'm not going into further detail because really, four hours under the dentist's sadistic hands says it all.  I mean, DAMN.  Luckily I had some leftover margarita mix, so I was able to self-medicate last night.  Half my mouth was numb, though, so I had to drink it through a straw and even that was a challenge, because I couldn't seem to pucker that side of my lips.  I hope to God I never have a stroke, because it would clearly hinder the liquor-delivery system.  And I am guessing that I will be the sort of old person that the people who run the "home" would WANT to be liquored up.

 On to the Taj:
It seems nothing happened at all this week, in terms of the Taj moving closer to being ours.  We'd received a contact at the closing agency, so after 3 days went by, I called her and left a voice mail.  The next day, I emailed her.  Then I called again two days later, but her voice mailbox was full.  Long story short, we finally got hold of a different person at the agency, thanks to the auction site representative.  The closing peeps are waiting on an updated title on the property, a water bill, the tax bill* and a re-key, which the real estate agency is handling.  The other items were noted as "requested--pending," so hopefully they will not hold us up too much.  (*Quick note:  we missed a ton of things we should have checked on with this purchase, but I am proud that we didn't forget to check with the local tax assessor's office to make sure that the taxes were paid up.  They were.  I'm not sure how it works, if the buyer would be responsible for any outstanding taxes, but it stands to reason that it could happen.  Just another thing to check before you commit!)

While I've been twiddling my thumbs and waiting for news, I have been looking over the photos we took of the Taj MaHell and getting some projects thought out.  Initially, we're going to have to shell out some money to professionals (roof, electrical), so I am only looking into relatively cheap, DIY projects that I can do alone.  Shawn may work weekends this summer to make extra money, so I could manage smaller projects like paint and yard work...both of which would make a huge improvement. 

Anyhoobastank, Shawn saw an ad in my Southern Living magazine (he reads it in the bathroom.  I know...I don't even want to think about that) for Rustoleum's Cabinet and Countertop Transformations.   Link to their website here:    http://www.rustoleumtransformations.com/ 

I read some reviews and this stuff actually seems to work as advertised.  I plan to definitely do the countertops and am thinking about the cabinets.  My only hesitation is that the cabinets are cheap knotty pine and have flat slabs for doors.   We were talking about just painting them gloss white and adding fun hardware...and just pretending that these cabinets are EXACTLY what we wanted.   This Rustoleum product shows the wood grain, which on these cabinets would not be a plus.  I'd like to either add molding/trim to beef up the doors and make them look less shitty outdated or just get all new doors and drawer fronts.  So, I'm not sure if I'll do the cabinets yet or just wait a while.  Either way, I'll give this new stuff a try and let you know how it goes.  I am cautiously optimistic, because I used a tub and tile refinisher at Uncle Todd's Cabin and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  It was one of those, "Well, it'll either look slightly less bad or I'll screw it up royally and have to gut the whole room" type deals and I have to say, the stuff covered the tile beautifully and seems to be holding up really well.  Maybe the same will be true of these crazy painted counter tops!

Off to make more lists.....


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